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Condor conservation, and all conservation models in North America, involves lots of people from many different organizations and government agencies. Everyday citizens are crucial to conservation efforts as well. Check out these interviews with some current and former condor conservationists from some of the different groups involved in southern California!

Erin Arnold - Former Santa Barbara Zoo Nest Biologists, current FWS Wildlife Biologist

Stephanie Herrera - Former Volunteer and Intern, current Biologist for Ventana Wilderness Society

Joseph Brandt - Former FWS Supervisory Wildlife Biologist

Carol Hunsperger - Santa Barbara Zoo Assistant Curator of Birds

Dr. Julie Barnes - Santa Barbara Zoo Director of Animal Care and Health

Jan Hamber - Archivist for the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, and former FWS Biologist. She has been working with the FWS on California condor conservation for over 40 years!

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