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This curriculum is part of a broader conservation partnership between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Santa Barbara Zoo. Designed with Fillmore Unified School District students in mind, our project includes the development of this curriculum and nest monitoring strategies, as well as student field trips to Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge, and the Santa Barbara Zoo.



Developed by both the SB Zoo, and USFWS, lesson aides help engage students and bolster learning. Images, maps, data, worksheets, and more can be found here. These resources are to supplement the CondorKids curriculum, and some were designed specifically for this purpose.

All 27 lessons for 3rd grade are teacher friendly and correlated to NGSS & CC standards & organized with the EQuIP rubric.



A place for teachers and educators to form a greater CondorKids community. Reach out to each other to find solutions in your classroom, share new ideas and strategies you've found successful, and ask the experts with the California Condor Recovery Program all your technical questions.



Explore the world of condor conservation by visiting our partners, watching live nest cams, downloading the Condor Country app and following The Condor Cave on FaceBook!

Curriculum and Survey

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