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Anchoring Phenomena and Preliminary Model

DCIs: LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

SEPs: Developing and Using Models; Obtaining Evaluating and Communicating Information

CCCs: Patterns; Scale Proportion and Quantity; Systems and System Models;

CA EP & Cs:

Time: 1 day, 30-45 minutes

Prep: Review Lesson Plan, print and pass out Preliminary Model

Anchoring Phenomena

Essential Question

What role does the California condor play in the California ecosystem, and how do changes in the ecosystem impact condors over time?


1. Have students discuss and create a model of their daily life at school. Include eating, drinking, bathroom breaks, friends, activities. Keep the focus to "on campus"


2. Watch the Anchoring phenomenon video, quietly, while having students write down questions, or connections (like personal experiences)

3. Have students complete the See - Think - Wonder as you play the video a second time. Allow quiet discussion at tables.


3. Hand out the Preliminary Model and tell students based on what they know, create a model of the California condor similar to the one they did for their days at school.

- draw with various colors: arrows, symbols, numbers and words as necessary

- we will build on this model as we discover new information about condors

- it's ok to work together!

- no expectations at this point!

4. Collect questions and create a "Question Board" to build on over the Unit for a later lesson and Q&A with a condor expert!

Preliminary Model
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